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Kelvin Gary

Kelvin Gary
Founder and Owner of Body Space Fitness


Head Fitness Coach, Health Expert


“Life has a purpose. Find yours and live it.”


After graduate school (MBA, NYU-Stern) and feeling the effects of working in the corporate world, this former engineer saw a better way for himself – and for his future clients. The positive-minded fitness guru traded in his dress slacks for gym shorts and never looked back.


In 2012, after being in the fitness industry for several years, Kelvin founded Body Space Fitness (BSF) in New York City, a boutique personal training gym that specializes in private and semi-private training, as well as small group fitness classes. The former athlete knew that health and wellness were his true passion, and he wanted to share that passion and his expertise on how to get fit and stay healthy, while maintaining a NYC lifestyle.


Kelvin’s aim for BSF was to create a teaching environment, where he and his coaches would be able to deliver real lasting results to clients, using full-body, functional training. He created a training format that delivers workouts specific to each individual using equipment such as kettlebells, TRXs, sleds, and battle ropes, while minimizing the use of typical machines seen in big box gyms. Kelvin’s fitness expertise have been featured in SELF Magazine, SHAPE Magazine, Details Magazine, WWD, NY Times, and Refinery29, as well as other publications.


Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, Precision Nutrition Level I Coach, Kettlebell Athletics Level I and II, Dynamic Resistance Training Level I and II, Functional Movement Specialist, Training for Warriors Level I, Pre- and Post-Natal, CPR and AED Certified.

Tony (Piya) Vacharasanee

Tony (Piya) Vacharasanee
Fitness Coach


My goal is to help people become autonomous athletes and own their health. By helping people learn to make more good decisions than bad, I will be be hełping them add both quality and longevity to their lives. Changes in behavior and mental models are done by actions that are simple and sustainable. 

Ensuring that all exercise and nutrition recommendations are based on science will help prevent chronic lifestyle diseases so that no one ever has to go through the same pain that I did.


As a survivor of childhood leukemia, Tony has never been one to take his health for granted. Believing that proper exercise and nutrition serves as the best preventive medicine, he strives to continually learn so he can better help others prevent avoidable diseases and conditions.


Initially working in the healthcare industry, Tony eventually found that he wasn’t able to shake the itch of wanting to do something more physical with his career. Believing that one should live life to its fullest, Tony took the leap and switched fields. Throughout his adventures in life, including becoming an ordained Buddhist monk, participating in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu tournaments, Kettlebell Sport competitions and training for American Ninja Warrior, Tony is always looking for fun ways to let loose and see how far he can take his mind and body. This led him eventually to running in Obstacle Course Races every summer with Team BSF, such as Rugged Maniac, City Challenge, Urban Mudder, and Tough Mudder. When Tony gets to have his own fun, he will probably be doing a Hurricane workout from the Training For Warriors system and include some type of ridiculous grip intensive pull-up variation. Whether it is his friendly energy in (semi) private training or his enthusiastic approach to group classes, Tony finds a way to bring out the energy in everyone to help them finish the session stronger.


Certifications: NASM Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM Certified Cancer Exercise Trainer, Training for Warriors Level I and II, Kettlebell Athletics Level I, Functional Movements Specialist Level I, Dragon Door Progressive Calisthenics Certification, CPR and AED certified.

Fran Fontaine

Fran Fontaine
Fitness Coach

My mission is to educate everyone willing to learn, to empower people to take control of their lives through fitness, nutrition and practice. Finding individualized solutions to your unique situation is key. I believe an athlete lives in all of us, let me help you unleash the best version of you!”


With over 30 years of experience in strength and conditioning, Fran is one of Body Space Fitness’ most veteran trainers. Having competed extensively in wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, jiu jitsu, Tae Kwon Do, and mixed martial arts, the south Bronx native has shared his knowledge by coaching both amateur and professional fighters, who have competed in a variety of tournaments, including the M1, K1, Ring of Combat, IBJJ, NAGA, Golden Gloves, and Metro Boxing Championships.


Although Fran specializes in the martial arts (he has even named his cat “Ninja”), he has managed to combine this specialty with his love for the dramatic arts, having choreographed award-nominated fight stunts for films. Fran’s deep understanding of the arts also caught the eye of the American Ballet Theatre, as he trains several of their ballerinas.


The combination of Fran’s knowledge and warm personality provides him with the unique ability to design creative and challenging workouts, keeping you engaged and entertained for the entire session. After a workout with Fran, you’ll leave sweaty, smiling, and having learned something new.


Certifications: Expert Training Certified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Concepts Certified Personal Trainer, USA Boxing Coach

Joanna Castro

Joanna Castro
Fitness Coach


My mission in life is to bring awareness to everyone that living actively in strength is readily available to them. My passion is empowering women to believe in their strength and know it it is transferable to their everyday life. The link between how our physical strength improves mental clarity is a proven fact. I envision a world where people are kinder because they are physically stronger; where Sparta meets Athens.


While many are blissfully unaware of the correlation between hearty food and weight gain until after their college years, Joanna understood as a teenager that consistent exercise could counteract what she viewed likely to be an issue as people aged. The New York native’s love for fitness escalated quickly, as she began with Denise Austin videos and fitness magazines to teach herself varieties of exercises. After reaping the health benefits from her own hard work (not to mention, being awarded “best figure” in high school), Joanna initiated her path as a trainer, by helping her friends achieve their fitness goals.


After experiencing the effects of Joanna’s warm smile and infectious laugh, you will understand how her approachable personality and depth of knowledge makes her not only a motivating coach, but also a caring mother. Since having given birth to her daughter, Elle, Joanna has realized her potential as a role model, translating this ability to mentor each of her clients. This pre and post-natal specialist has the unique ability to change her toddler’s diapers one minute, and beat the boys in a squatting competition the next.


Certifications: NSCF Certified Personal Trainer, Kettlebell Athletics Level I, Pre- and Post-Natal.

Dean Sheremet

Fitness Coach


“My obsession with human movement started as a young boy when my grandmother put me into my first dance class to curb my hyperactivity. Dance opened me up to performing and taught me the way the body was intended to move in an elegant multi-planar flow. I always bring that performance energy and my knowledge of the body into every session or class I lead. 
You will, sweat, learn and most importantly have fun every time you step on the turf with me.”

Crystal Fraser

Fitness Coach


“I aim to dismantle the notion of the “quick fix” in fitness. Nothing worth having is obtained quickly or easily.  Every one has the ability to work diligently. With time, patience, and consistency, every individual can use fitness as a way to “raise the bar” for themselves in every aspect of their life . I want to tap into whatever is holding someone back, so they gain the courage  to go out of their comfort zone realizing they are powerful and capable of reaching their highest potential. It’s important to have every individual recognize that no matter how difficult the obstacle, know they will overcome anything.

While sports and fitness have been a part of Crystal’s life since childhood, it was an impulsive month-long bike tour down the East Coast that sparked her to delve into the fitness industry.  A year later, she began competing in figure competitions professionally and never looked back.  Crystal credits the experience building her physique with giving her the confidence to do what she does now, as a fitness instructor at Flywheel and Body Space. She is passionate about helping her clients live healthier, happier lives and take control of their fitness journey.


In her school years, Crystal played travel soccer before being diagnosed with severe sclerosis. After a loss of mobility due to the condition put a stop to her soccer playing, Crystal was reminded of the value of fitness and began training again to get her strength back. Throughout college at Bryn Mawr, she focused on dance to improve her mobility and flexibility.


Crystal is motivated by a desire to push clients through discomfort and to build her physique even further, striving to look like a statue. When not pushing her clients through her high-energy classes at BSF, Crystal can be found teaching at Flywheel, working towards her next competition, or enjoying some pancakes, her favorite treat meal.


Certifications: Titled IFBB (International Federal Bodybuilding Beauro), Precision Nutrition, NASM Personal Trainer

Samantha Ciaccia

Fitness Coach


“I want to offer my clients the opportunity to escape for the hour and solely focus on improving themselves. No matter what is going on in their life, everything fades away and it’s about training. I want to educate client’s about their body, how it moves and what they are capable of as a physical human being. My goal is to give the client the tools they need to live a long, healthy life with the intention of preventing injury, diseases and ultimately unhappiness.
As an Emergency Medicine Physician Assistant, Sam is on the front line treating patients who suffer from the complications unhealthy lifestyles. Having worked in hospitals in remote areas overseas, Sam sees health and fitness from a humanitarian mindset, working preventatively to improve clients’ future outcomes.


In addition to her passion for health, fitness has been a part of Sam’s life since childhood, as her dad was a competitive weight lifter. Following in that athletic tradition, Sam played lacrosse and field hockey in school, going on to play lacrosse at Temple University, where she graduated with a BS in Kinesiology.


When she isn’t cheering on her clients toward better health, Sam can be found dancing (she loves all types, especially Latin and Brazilian), getting away from the New York City concrete in Central Park, or programming workouts for herself and friends with a glass of good red wine.


Certifications: CFSC, SFG1, SFB, SFMA, CPR, BLS, ACLS, DVRT Level 1, DVRT Restoration, BS in Kinesiology, Temple University, MA in Physician Assistant Studies, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

Andreas Esposito

Fitness Coach


“I started working out to get through my depression. Exercise is not a magic cure, but by repeatedly putting myself through increasingly difficult challenges I gained the courage and fortitude to handle my problems in more constructive ways. What I strive to accomplish is to help others accept the gift of physical training not only for the sake of their health and confidence but to also inspire willpower, determination and excitement.

Bethany Welch

Fitness Coach

Ivana Bolf

Fitness Coach

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